Upgrading from LX3: GX1 vs OM-D vs NEX-7

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Re: Upgrading from LX3: GX1 vs OM-D vs NEX-7

It's been said before and becomes a bit of a cliche but any of these cameras will give you spectacular images (even compared to DSLR's of just a few years ago). I've lived with the Panny GF3 which is smaller and uses older technology. I bought a Panasonic/Leica 25mm 1.4 lens and the combination of this ultra sharp, ultra fast lens and the GF3 produced results that rival my Nikon D700 - 50mm 1.4. Truly! However, I have now bought and love the Olympus OMD and find that it is even better than the GF3 (noticeable only in extreme situation, btw). It also has fantastic control capability and its image stabilization is miraculous. This is in my opinion the most important factor in the Panasonic - Olympus equation. The on camera stabilization in the Olympus means I can use any lens and get the benefits of stabilization. In addition, the OMD happens to come with an amazing kit lens in the 12-50. It is very sharp (sharper than my Nikon kit lenses, in my opinion). And, it has a dedicated macro mode (also extremely sharp) as well as a switchable zoom ring that allows for a silent motorized zoom function for video work. This lens is unique and far outclasses the competition, IMHO.

The Sony has a better sensor and will also give you mind blowing images (only limited by your skill). But, my feeling is that Sony doesn't have the lens selection available to the micro 4/3 community. And, in the end, the quality of the glass makes the biggest difference of all. In addition, the larger sensor requires larger lenses for most focal lengths. This defeats part of the reason for the compact mirrorless cameras in the first place. Again, I wouldn't turn down an NEX-7 and know it's absolutely amazing. Just doesn't make as much sense as the smaller micro 4/3 systems as an alternative to my full size DSLR.

One more thing to consider... If you start with the OMD you can always buy something like the GF3 as a second body. It is the smallest of all the cameras you're considering and very pocket-able. It's been on sale here in the States for about $350 with a 14-42 kit lens.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Bill G

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