D800 and Six Sigma

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Re: D800 and Six Sigma

But not at the cost of American Jobs!

I hear what you are saying tdptdp about the flavor of the week process. Maybe it is one of those things that people just don't care about, I may not totally agree with the process but I do agree with the end results.

I was having a conversation with an appliance repair man the other day and we laughed about how washers, dryers and refrigerators lasted 25 or more years way back when however, now with the high end technology and even higher prices we are lucky to get 5 years of use out of these products. Times have changed and no matter what operational process is applied, quality in all products have really fallen. What is worse, as consumers we have accepted it.

Thanks Buddy.

tdptdp wrote:

Power2g wrote:

No, I am saying that we should expect higher standards from all companies we spend our money with.

Nobody will disagree with that

You might get some pushback when touting one of those flavor-of-the-week process models that MBAs have wet dreams about. On the bright side, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich think everybody should be Lean Six Sigma too

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