How to get that Film Like apperance we all like...

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Re: How to get that Film Like apperance we all like...

PrebenR wrote:

little laker wrote:

Just shoot Film.

These 2 are shot with an old Minox camera, using cheap Kodak 200 film.

While it lasts. Film I mean. Kodak going belly up isn't too promising. But apart from that the cost of film and development is high...

Now that movie theatres are going completely digital, a major (the main) source of film business is suddenly gone. Film should now be thought of as a niche market, with all the difficuties and pricing it implies. There is no more litter on the cutting room floor. Basically, film is dead.

My latest (and last) experience with film was not particularly exciting: I spent money to buy a film camera (Sigma SA-7n), quality film, and used my best Sigma SA-mount lens, the 85mm F1.4. I sent the film 2500 miles away for the best quality development and scanning I could find at high cost (recommended by others on this very forum) and was unimpressed with the results.

The results plainly showed that any Sigma digital camera ever made easily beats film.

To anyone interested in getting that ineffable film look I would recommend any of the great software post-processing products that provide it in every variety with a level of excellence that actually beats real film. Nostalgia always makes the past look better, but it wasn't really.

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