Will Sports Photographers Replace their D4 or D3s with the D800?

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gary stepic
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The D300S and Canon 7D are perfect poor man's sports cameras

I just switched from Canon and now own the D800 and D300S. I always use two cameras at any event and I do a lot of sports, especially college sports as I am one of the University of NM sports photographers. I am not the contracted photographer for UNM so my income comes from visiting teams so what I am getting at is I have a ball doing what I do but do not make enough to justify a D4 and the longer fast glass like the 300 2.8. The 7D has been perfect for what I shoot and hope the D300S will serve me as well.

I will use the D800 mainly for wider shots and probably give it a try a few times just to see how well it does for sports. The DX crop factor is very important for shooters like me that cannot justify the longer fast lenses. the 70-200 works great most of the time, and I did buy the 1.4 extender so will be curious how this works with the 70-200.

There are times when a high frame rate really can make a difference for sports shooters. Three examples I can think of right away are a basketball player breaking away for a dunk, I wide receiver going up for a catch, and someone jumping high hurdles, and there are many more examples where having that extra frame or two can produce a much better shot even if the photographer has good timing. This is why I am hoping and praying Nikon will come out with a DX upgrade to the D300S. All I would want is a little faster frame rate or even the same, a little more resolution, and a little better high iso performance, not asking for a whole lot.

So to kind of answer your question I think the D800 can do a decent job for sports, the slower frame rate probably will cause some great shots to me missed.


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