Another D800 button in the wind!

Started Jul 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
KHous Contributing Member • Posts: 569
Re: Another D800 button in the wind!

cafenated wrote:

So with likely over a 100 thousand of these already in circulation we have seen two buttons fall off on dpreview....yup, sounds like terrible QC to me!

1) My guess is that were this your camera your tone would be one of vocal indignation rather than sarcasm.

2) For a $3000 camera- supposedly the banner-leader and flagship (arguably, mind you) of Nikon- this is unacceptable. My guess is that there are many more buttons ready to pop on these. I've had over a dozen Nikon cameras through the years and never once had a button pop off. A battery door or two, yes, but that was due to rough in-bag treatment. My antennae of suspicion are raised on this camera...

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