Questions about G3 + 20mm for beginner

Started Jul 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
marcwee Regular Member • Posts: 152
Re: Questions about G3 + 20mm for beginner

I use the G3 with the 20mm 80% of the time and always in A-mode. Set max iso to 1600. You are right that P-mode uses max aperture which is not always the best choice. In A-mode I start with f4 in the daytime. Indoors and at night I use f1.7 to start with and maybe decrease it a little if possible when I need more DOF.

This way the DOF of your first picture could have been better by choosing f4 of f5.6 in A-mode. The DOF in the second one could have been better if you choose f2.2 instead of f1.7 in A-mode or you might have taken a step back and later crop your picture somewhat.

Still think that the G3 with the 20mm is an awesome combo (compact and good in low light) when you like the focal length.

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