How is the HX20V's 1080/60p video when compared to a HD camcorder?

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Re: How is the HX20V's 1080/60p video when compared to a HD camcorder?

unimodem wrote:

Sujay N Hegde wrote:

I know that the HX20V is not primarily a video camera but its video quality is said to be great so how does its overall HD video quality stand out against HD camcorders in the same price range?

for the video quality its close or even better with an HD camcorder. for a point and shoot with 1080p/60fps AVCHD at 24mbit i cant really complain..

im currently using my HX9V primarily for video. compared to a regular HD camcorder i'm not missing anything because zoom is at 16x and got Optical stabilization. the only thing i miss with a camcorder is mic inputs and extended batteries.

for me, i dont need external mics and for batteries got an extra info-lithium battery which displays the minutes compared to bars.

I prefer my HX9V because its small and doesnt attract any attention.

compared to a camcorder i dont need to carry any bulk when travelling because its already a camera.

That's my 2 cents..

Thanks, that pretty much sums it up and I'm upgrading from my Canon camcorder just so that I can take the HX20V wherever I go in my pocket plus for its great stills (which my Canon could never achieve) and video.

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