Canon 5d got wet.... likely damage??

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Sounds like your camera is toast.

markrushtonimages wrote:

My camera 5d mark 1 got wet at the swimming pool today. Not back in Scotland until Tuesday so wondering if anyone has any ideas of how bad this damage sounds.

It was initially totally dead but has come back to life slowly.

now -
The Auto focus doesn't work,
The quick control dial doesn't work - but the set button now does.
It can read and change aperture ok
The direct print button has a blue light on in it all the time.

it can take and display a photo ok in manual mode but not every time. It's as if the shutter button is not making a connection every time.

I have already contacted A and J Johnston in Glasgow who will look at it on Tuesday but I am obviously curious to know if anyone has any idea what is the likely damage.



I don’t have a heck of a lot of experience with cameras -- I’m just a casual shooter -- nor have I ever gotten a camera wet like that. But I’ve had my share of experiences with electronic devices crapping out for various reasons.

First off, you left out some very salient information here:

1. Did you try to use it right after it got wet, or did you let it dry out for a day or so before trying it out?

2. HOW did it get wet? Are we talking about you leaving it near the pool and a healthy splash of water getting on it, or are we talking about the thing falling in the pool?

If the thing is completely dry and you’re still having these problems -- which seem to be numerous -- then I’d say your 5D Mark III is cooked.

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