Short Photoessay: Goose Drama at the Marsh

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Re: Short Photoessay: Goose Drama at the Marsh

Jim F wrote:

Don't kill the messenger (me). I think the primary reason no one wants to care for an injured Canada Goose is they are considered by many to be pests; flying rodents in the class of seagulls. Canada Goose are as common as the house fly, especially in the east and midwest. They crap everywhere and multiply like rabbits. They also will imprint on a location and will return to that area year after year. (have unpleasant experiences with that.)

I appreciate and respect someone's sensitivities to all living creatures. That said, not many folks would consider one Canada Goose to be worth the effort to nurture it long term. If that was a bald eagle or another species subjectively viewed as worthy of ongoing TLC, the story would likely be different.

I never could understand why it's called a Canada Goose, and it's fairly well respected by Canadians...well, those that aren't frequented by them in any case. I suppose I'll Google it later to find out.

On the other hand, it's weird there are so many well respected or even loved animals/birds etc. that are pests and are hated by the locals.

Ask anyone from Australia and they are more likely to shoot a kangaroo on sight than to go 'ahhh' at one. Same with Possums. Both considered to be terrorist rodents. Yet beloved by the world.

Heck, the Beaver is our national animal but they probably have created more wonton destruction than any living animal today.

Sorry, went off topic didn't I? Lol. Regardless of all this, it's still hard to watch any living being suffer (well, beyond bugs and such...)

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