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Re: I have never heard of this happening

Starred wrote:

@owners of a Think Tank Re5: as this model has no zipper, are you not afraid your gear will drop out when you use the velcro silencers?

I've had the Thinktank Retro 5 since it came out, and it's the best camera bag I've ever owned. I have also owned a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home for my Nikon DSLR since around 2005 or so and it works the same way with the Velcro Silencing engaged (actually the old Crumpler lacked this feature, so I made my own Velcro silencer). The Crumpler does have a buckle you can click to keep the flap closed, but I always leave it open.... Just a I pretty much always leave the Velcro silencers engaged on my Retro 5.

I have never heard of anyone losing gear because it fell out of the bag. The bag is deep enough to avoid this, and the flap is long. The only time I use the Velcro to hold it closed is when I put the bag into the trunk of the car. That way if the bag falls over for any reason the contents will stay put. I suppose it might be wise to use the Velcro in areas known for pick-pockets as well, so someone has to rip open the Velcro to get at your gear (which should alert you to what they are doing).

But most of the time I leave the Velcro Silencers in place, because I love the way I can silently lift the flap to get to my gear.

I've owned some nice bags by Crumpler, LowePro, and Domke; but the Thinktank Retrospective 5 is the best designed, most comfortable, and most stylish looking shoulder camera bag I've ever owned. Well worth the price.


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