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Re: Aaaah that miraculous beast - the DSLR

While I really love my m4/3 kit, I have to say that I like the size of the smaller DSLRs like the D7000 better for most of my photography. But I do expect to see something like a mirrorless D7000 soon. Fast and accurate focus is the key for me, and I like legacy lenses. What kind of focus motor could you put in a D7000 if you got ride of the mirror?

Also I image a lot from tripods, so size really doesn't matter.

That said, I see that I will have two systems, on a m4/3 system for travel and a DSLR form (maybe it will have a mirrorless system) either APSC or FF. The fact of the matter is that most current systems are way better than the photographers that use them, and it really comes down to personal taste unless you have a specific need that a particular system addresses.

I'm probably "long in the tooth", but I also like the rendering of Nikkor glass, and I've used a lot of fine glass over the years. Nikon has just patented a lens for a mirrorless system according to Nikonrumors and I would like them to produce a body. If it could use the "F" mount it would be my next camera as long as the form fits my purpose.

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