Will Sports Photographers Replace their D4 or D3s with the D800?

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Adam Duckworth
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Re: Will Sports Photographers Replace their D4 or D3s with the D800?

I am mainly a sports shooter and have D4, D800 and D800E.

D4 replaced D3S for most fast sports stuff.

D800s replaced D3X for portait type editorial work, or "staged" stuff with flash where you use MF and no motordrive.

The only benefit I cans see of D800 is the sensor and therefore image quality. And also take the grip off and use it as a light camera to be remotely mounted. Less stress on camera mounts.

D4 is faster, has way better AF, better ergonomics, better viewfinder, huge buffer, better high ISO, faster frame rate, better waterproofing, bigger battery etc etc.

About to sell a D800 and get another D4, as the D800 is not a patch on D4 for real-world professional sports shooting.

Keeping the D800E as it's slightly sharper and has no real moire issues I've found.

My Phase One 645DF medium format has more colour issues and moire than D800, and that's still not a big problem.

(645DF for studio stuff ad high-speed flash stiff as it syncs, properly, to 1/1600sec - not some Auto FP way).

And no, the D800E isn't as smooth or detailed as P40+ MF back. Not even close.

In my humble opinion, obviously.

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