OM-D weather sealing without kit lens

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Re: Water can get in through the lens into the body!

Sorry, Mike, I think your statement is a bit extreme. I have been shooting with the Pentax K20 and non-weather sealed prime lenses for years in dusty and wet (raining) environments and have never had a problem. Would I take a non-weathersealed camera out in these conditions? No. The camera just has so many openings that are a potential for water entry.

Yes, it is best if you had both a weather-sealed lens AND camera. However, I wouldn't think twice about going out with a weather-sealed camera and un-sealed lens, especially if it is a prime.

To anyone who is going to purchase the EM-5, I'd suggest considering the sealed 12-50mm kit lens, too, especially if you are going to shooting outdoors in potentially dirty or wet environments. Heck, the lens is only an additional $300 and gives decent quality and macro capability.


Mike_PEAT wrote:

maimou wrote:

So the body sealing works by fitting any lens but the lens itself may be at risk... so it is still a good feature.

Is my assumption correct?

Water can get in the lens through the gaps (zoom/focus rings, if the exterior barrel of the lens slides in/out), and then travel along the interior lens barrel, and out the back of the lens into the sensor area.

Also, moisture could find its way onto the lens circuit board shorting it out, and causing the camera electronics to be damaged as well.

IOW a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if the lens isn't weather sealed the body weather sealing is useless!

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