Controlling EV on 60D

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Esmee Farquhar New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Controlling EV on 60D

Here are my settings:

C. Fn III - Under "AF point selection method" - Selection 2 is enabled to use multi-directional button for AF point selection

C. Fn IV - Under "AF and metering buttons" - Selection 2 is enabled. Shutter button starts metering, AF-ON button is used for AE lock and * button is used for Meter & AF start.

Now here's the workflow

Select AF point -> Press shutter to activate metering -> Press Unlock and use dial on back for exposure compensation -> Press and hold * button for focussing -> Press shutter to take picture.

I use AE lock less frequently so this setting works for me. You can change the position of AE lock to the * button if you use it more frequently.

Note that the compensation is now set permanently, and you will have to change it for your next shot if you want to. Compensation doesn't set to 0 after taking the picture.

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