Another Misnomer? What is meant by

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Re: Another Misnomer? What is meant by

You are correct, and I confess to be a careless whiner and to have also jumped the gun.

Graystar wrote:

First, when used in this context, the "100%" implies "100% view", as there's no other way to apply it. Practically all image and editing software, even web browsers, indicate the zoom level as a percentage, and they all do it in the same way. It's part of the nomenclature of digital photography, and only seems foolish to people who have zero experience viewing and editing images on a computer.

Second, regardless of what you think the 50% crops should look like...they are, in fact, 50% crops. I don't understand why you would post this without first opening and resizing the images to verify your suspicions. Failing to do so just makes you look like a careless whiner.


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