make RawTherapee work like Lightroom 4.1, C3/5n

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yes, and RT+high-ISO less easy, reliable than LR4

GaryW: I'm a big fan of deconvolution as well, but, as you say, it works best if you have a low-noise image to start with (the noise confuses it, I think). I would use it sparingly, personally. (For one thing, you don't want to sharpen the bokeh all that much; DxO has added a slider for this.)

This is perhaps relevant to my general finding that have trouble with more ISO 3200 images, more often, with RawTherapee than with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom at ISO 3200, you just move the chrominance noise suppression to 18, the Luminance noise suppression to 23, turn off all sharpening, and you're done.

RawTherapee, not so clear (ha) what to do. Sometimes turning off all sharpening and moving up the Luminance noise suppression slider to 80, and the chrominance suppression slider to about 20, does the trick. Even staying with the Amaze demosaicing algorithm. And can sharpen the resultant image in another program successfully. But other times can't seem to make the ISO 3200 images look as nice as Lightroom 4.1's.

This comparative observations in this post could certainly be a byproduct of my own lack of knowledge of RawTherapee, it is not an indictment of the program's potential in other hands.

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