Qucik 5D MKIII assessment with photographs

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Qucik 5D MKIII assessment with photographs

This is my quick assessment based on 3 outings with the 5D MKIII. I was previously using 5DMKII and normally I am into people/landscape photography. I do not photograph action per se.

I am very satisfied with the quality of files I get straight from the camera. They are clean, very sharp, right colors. I did not compare side by side with 5D MKII, but I think they are very similar if not identical. I noticed today, though that the camera might be under-exposing, but it might be me and it might be that I used to something else with 5DMKII. I processes files in LR 4 and they looks superb.

Some Portrait examples:

Some action-like examples:

What I loved is the new AF really! It helps with portraits,but I realized that I still need to use a single focus point to be able to have eyes tack sharp, otherwise it just focuses somewhere else in other AF setting.

When I was photographing ballerina, I could rely on the new AF of MKIII 100% and I was not at all worried that something is going to be OOF. All shots were in focus.

I need to admit that I am not using my camera as a machine gun. I am trying to anticipate the best moment and take the best shot possible. I want to be in control rather than counting on my luck to have the right shot. So no Servo mode for me, at least not with ballet.

Manual Focusing with Zeiss:

My big concern is that you cannot have the EG-s focusing screen installed and it did help me to use 35 f/1.4 ZE.This lens produces superb results, but it is just massively complex in terms of hitting the focus.

I used it at night with 5D MKIII and yes, it was very complex to focus. I switched to Live View mode and managed to take some sharp photos, but it is not easy. AF confirm is not 100% accurate, so I cannot rely on it.


The camera is very-very good. Canon maintained all areas where MKII was shining and improved everything else. You will not likely see a difference in IQ, but it is easier to take photographs. You are much more relaxed and know that can push the camera to the limit. It moved backward when it comes to using MF Zeiss lenses.

It is a great camera, very easy to use, very reliable and it produces cracking results. I still think it is over-priced, but not much you can do. If you can afford it and you know how to photograph, this camera will not disappoint.

Canon EOS 5D
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