New graphics card for 2009 Mac Pro?

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ashley karyl
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Re: New graphics card for 2009 Mac Pro?

I had a 2009 8 Core Mac Pro with the standard video card but recently switched to the newer 2010 equivalent with the faster video card.

Overall the computers feel remarkably similar in terms of performance and for PS work I doubt you'll notice a huge difference most of the time, though your version of PS may influence that. I am not seeing the speed boosts often talked about in CS6 and overall it may even be a little slower than CS5.1.

For video I ran a test with a very graphics intensive animation and it was clear that the ATI Radeon HD 5770 on the new machine is considerably smoother in that context when pushed to the limit but whether it's worth paying out for that is debatable if your main focus is on still images. I have a friend who paid quite bit for the even faster version and said he was disappointed by the real world difference.

Personally I'm wondering about the merits of fitting an SSD and how much difference it would make inside PS and some other apps. I don't have the D800 but having worked on a few original Raw files it's clear that they require a lot horse power.

Tim S wrote:

Has anyone upgraded their 2009 mac pro graphics card? Just wonder if its worth it for general PS work, D800 200mb tiff's.

To be honest it's not slow, I guess the only slow bit is after using a nik plugin to do its stuff.


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