tropical animal shots with 55-210mm

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Harry Lew Senior Member • Posts: 1,629
Great samples from Zackiedawg and Sean

Guys, thanks so much for sharing those! To my eyes, the 55-210 looks reasonably to very sharp, even at the long end. I'm getting even more interested in this lens to create a three-lens travel kit: 18-55, 55-210, and the 50 1.8. I've got a Sony a700 and a900, with G and Zeiss lenses, which I drag out for landcape photography. But for a light vacation walkaround kit, I think these three lenses, along with my antiquated Nex-3, will be superb.

Anyway, thanks to the OP and those who posted photos to this thread, for helping me make up my mind.
Harry Lew

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