GH3 is too long in coming

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Re:If GH3 was available I probably would not of tried EM5?

zakk9 wrote:

Is there something wrong with your GH1 that prevents you from taking photos with it?

Yes, if you had read the initial post of mine, you would see that I had got salty water on it, and the camera almost broke, but was ok when dried out, but I am worried for the long term, or even the next time it gets a little wet (I like taking photos in the wet).

Is your wallet so heavy that you can't carry it anymore?

Sure, why not.

If you really need a "3", just write the number on your GH1 with a white marker.

I don't need the 3, but I do want a new water resistant body, preferably packaged with one or both of the new x lenses. I don't think your sarcasm is justified.

Buying a new camera every 12 or 18 month is of course what they would like me, you and everybody else to do, dumping the old ones since they're long "obsolete".

I have had the GH1 for over 3 years now. I love it, but I want to update, for some of the reasons previously given.

Adventsam wrote:

GH3 is way too late and they've let the door open for people to cross over to Olympus platform. Unless Panasonic put a wobble sensor like OMD in the GH3, I'm not interested, sorry.

For me, I would have preferred the GH3 and the zooms to have been launched around March this year. That would have given me time to let the prices settle and get one for summer.

I doubt any Panasonic will have IBIS. Not a biggie for me. Are there not programs that stabilize video footage anyway?

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