This Squirrel says:"We need more lenses for the Nex!"

Started May 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
forpetessake Veteran Member • Posts: 4,892
Re: I love that photo!!!

I wonder how Canon 70-210mm/4 compares to Minolta 70-210mm/4. Is it the same design? I got the latter from 1983 release, it's very sharp at 70-150, then gets slightly worse. There is also CA in high contrast situations. I don't want to buy Canon just to test it, so it would be nice if somebody already did the comparisons.

Tapper123 wrote:

Really great photo. I love squirrels.

I just received a Canon FD adapter for my NEX today, and have an old FD 70-210mm f4 zoom/macro to use with it. Plus, also have an FD 50mm 3.5 macro, and FD 25 extension tube. All from my old Canon A-1 SLR (still looks almost new and works!) kit that I bought back in the 1980's!!

Should be great. This weekend I hope to find some time to test them outside.

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