Track & Field - 5D3 & 200mm f2.0

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Re: Nice Shots...Some Thoughts

Hey there,

Dont get me crazy,
1/800 is more than enough in an 200mm lens!
Especially if you have IS!

I've done it in thousands and thousands of images,
I've even shot with 1/160, but ok, this was 50-50.

Just a quick browsing thought my metadata, in LR.
from 3 races, approximately 3500 photos.

1/200 -> 481 photos
1/250 -> 419 photos
1/320 -> 481 photos
1/400 -> 634 photos
1/500 -> 720 photos
1/640 -> 325 photos
1/800 -> 486 photos
1/1000-> 305 photos
1/1250-> 122 photos
1/1600-> 83 photos

70-200f4 IS, FF.

A good keeper rate, that I really doubt that Shutter Speed would improve it.
Soft pictures were mainly due to bad focus, not slow shutter speed.

1/1000 is way more than enough for track and field.

My results are in my gallery, mainly here.

(ignore some really underexposed, its result from auto-exposure LR settings, that put -2EV, not the actual shoting, i havent corrected it yet).

1/640 100meters men's sprint (the fastest shutter you'll need)

(link is broken, copy paste please).

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