5D lll wedding with high ISO

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Re: Are you serious?

Guy Lerner wrote:

Are you guys serious? The shot below was taken 20 minutes after sunset, ISO 6400, using a 5D Mark II (excuse the web artefacts, the high-res file is pristine - the 5D2 was struggling to AF at this point). My 5D3's will eat this sort of light for breakfast at ISO 6400, and require only minimal PP for full page album-size prints. Nothing wrong with the colors OOC at these levels - obviously lower ISO is cleaner/more accurate/with more DR, but guys, we're talking 21MP print-quality files at ISO 6400 hand-held, no flash. Still complaining?

No. This looks excellent. I have only used these ISO numbers indoors in artificial lighting. That's where the mushed colors can be an issue.

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