Could you be happy with PC after Apple?

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Re: Could you be happy with PC after Apple?

I used a Mac from 1984 to 1997 (before that I had the Apple IIE from 1981) when I switched to Windows for compatibility with others I was doing business with.

I stuck with it for 12 years. Business expanded and I got the server and the whole disaster.

I never liked it. I bought the MBP 15" in 2009. I like my computer again. The intangibles are all much better on the Mac to me. I have dropped it more than a few times. Apple replaced by hard drive twice no questions asked under my Applecare. Nobody touches Apple's service. Try to get a face to face audience with someone who works for Microsoft or HP.

My girlfriend and my bookkeeper could never adjust to Mac, though. They never liked it, so I gave the other one to my son and let them go on with their IBM PC Compatibles. It's all what works for you.
Ed Rizk

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