Visiting Greece, shooting advice!

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Re: Visiting Greece, shooting advice!

I was in Greece several weeks ago, visiting Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. I have been to Athens and Santorini several times. I am not an expert on Greece, but I have been there a number of times, visiting Rhodes and Corfu as well.

Athens is a huge city, about 5 million people with the ancient monuments/ruins and museums the biggest attractions. I would agree that a polarizer is a good idea for almost anywhere in Greece. It can also be useful if you are taking photos from a bus, to remove the reflections of the windows. I also generally find that a wide angle is more useful to me than any other lenses. I normally take a Canon 10-22, a Tamron 18-270 VC, and a Sigma 30, with a Canon 40D, but I find that the 10-22 is the most useful. You will find narrow streets and large buildings. And it can also be useful for indoor shooting in churches and museums. Some of them restrict photography, like the Acropolis museum only allows photos on one floor.

Some places, like the Parthenon, have some scaffolding, so you have to work around it. Also, try to go early to the busiest places as it gets very crowded, and the heat in the summer is a factor. Or, go in the late afternoon, when the lighting is better. You also have to be able to be mobile and climb up and down steps and inclines. The weight that you carry in the heat can be a factor.

Santorini is just a fabulous place for photography. With its classic architecture with the blue domed churches and incredible views of the harbor and caldera with the striking blue sea. There are narrow streets, and also lots of ups and downs. If you can, take the walk down the donkey trails to the sea. The best time for photography is in the evening, when the hordes of cruise ship passengers have returned to their ships. Again, the 10-22 is very useful there. But I also like to take telephoto shots with the Tamron to isolate subjects.

In many ways, it is a magic place. Also be prepared for the heat there as well.

But to tell you the truth, Mykonos is my favorite place in Greece. It is laid back and beautiful and picturesque, with its windmills, harbors, and "little Venice".

For sunsets, you will have to experiment. I generally use about 2 stops underexposed if I am shooting directly into the sun. That usually gives me the results that I want, as it keeps the sun from overpowering the rest of the scene and yet it still has a dramatic effect.

I hope that you have a wonderful trip.

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