NX100 Photo advice!

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Re: NX100 Photo advice!

tecnoworld wrote:

your pic is very nice!

the NX100 is a gorgeous tool for the price, I think it's the best value camera ever.

as already suggested, you can pick some cheap old legacy lens (like a contax/yashica 50mm f2 or konica hexanon 57mm f1.4) and use it on the nx100 with a cheap chinese adapter. Really cool combo, believe in me!

Thank you I agree it's a great camera and with the firmware updates it is even nicer.

I'd like to stay at about the 24mm range if at all possible, with the crop factor on the sensor that puts me at about 35mm, which is ideal for getting closer to my subject rather than further away. How do adapters affect my crop factor or are they mostly negligible?

I recall seeing a NX-K adapter that Samsung offered and Pentax lenses are often cheap, if you can find them.

frank-in-toronto wrote:

i tape the manual focus ring after setting it carefully. i also tape over the iFn button. if i've fixed the focus distance, i also usually tape the zoom ring as i want to know not only my distance but the dof approximately (aperture priority). anpther small step is to set the iso to auto so you'll have fast enough shutter speeds. with these steps done, you get super fast response. literally, point and shoot.

... low tech, cheap and easy. I love it! Yeah I have the ISO on auto and shot in Ap mode for that photo. I could've done it in manual but I'd have spent more time exposing and not enough time composing.

The way I figure it, at f/5.6 and a 10ft focus distance.. I should have 18 feet of "sharp" images to play with. I could drop to an f/8 but that would offer me little bokeh to work with. (zone would be 50ft deep). At f/5.6 this lens is pretty much the best it will be optically too.

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