Nasim Mansurov: Nikon DSLR Autofocus Problems

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Re: Same guy that said this about the D7000...

"Yet, he has declared the D7000 predominantly user error and the D800 a quality assurance issue."

Where are you getting this from? He used two D800s and both of them were perfectly fine. The D800E he got had a calibration issue, so he wrote about that clearly. He does not in any way blame Nikon on making a faulty D800. He is saying that the AF issues have been there for a long time and can be found on ANY camera. I suggest you re-read the last two articles by him and it is pretty clear what he is trying to say.

"I have always enjoyed reading Mansurov's site but I think his opinion regarding Nikon's quality assurance issues should be carefully considered."

I agree with him that Nikon's QA is falling behind when they are releasing high-res cameras like D800. They need to tighten up the QA process, or these AF issue concerns will be more common than what we would like to see. Again, no manufacturer is perfect and he also stated today in a comment that Nikon QA is still better than most other manufacturers in the market today.

In summary, the AF issues we are seeing on D800 are not specific to D800 - they have been there for a long time now. I am sure most D800 issues are still user error, similar to what we had with D7000. There are plenty of good D800s out there and people love them.

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