Wide to Normal Prime for 5D Mark 3

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Re: Wide to Normal Prime for 5D Mark 3

Liberty555 wrote:

I recently put an order in for the Canon 35f1.4L however there has been delay after delay in getting it. I decided to cancel the order.

Now, I have the 50f1.4 and love it. I've used it on the 5D3 heaps and got reasonable use from it on my 7D and the 40D before that. I no longer have the 7D (and found the 50mm a bit long anyway)

Question is, for walkaround and candids, portraits and so on, is there a real justifiable difference between the 50f1.4 and the 50f1.2L, when considering I hardly ever shoot wide open because of the super shallow DOF. If I'm shooting at f1.8-f2.0, is the premium worth it?

For me it was worth it, and its on my 5dII most of the time now. I have had the Canon 50F1.4 for about 5 years and the 50L for about 1 year. The images from the 50L have more contrast, saturation, and the bokeh is more please to my eye. Like you, I starting using the lens at F1.8 to F2.0 but have bumped down aperture to F1.4 with confidence and am very happy with the images. This lens shines from F1.4 to F2.0, but IMOHO its a tad soft wide open (but can be good for portraits, and I dont notice any lack of sharpness at F1.2 in many situations (depends on the shot)) and it's hard enough to get sufficient DOF at F1.4 let alone F1.2. Did I mention the bokeh?

Should I wait until stocks appear and buy the 35f1.4L? I actually paid for it so I was keen - my store gave a refund based on the lengthy delays... Is the 35f1.4L a bit wide for portraits anyway?

Really depends on your preference and shooting needs. It seems one cannot go wrong with the 35L from reviews and users input, but there are a lot of people that think the 50L is a special lens. Its also a very flexible FL that can allow environmental style shots as well as casual obliterate the background type portraits. Of the the lenses I have, I always look forward to seeing the images from the 50L and the 135L. Not so with any of my other lenses - including a Zeiss 28F2, the Canon 50F1.4 or 85F1.8, 24-70L, or even the 70-200F2.8mkII.

Any constructive input welcomed.

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