Nikon 80-200 vs Nikon 70-200 vr2

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Re: Nikon 80-200 vs Nikon 70-200 vr2

J2photo wrote:

Hey guys! Right now I am using the Nikkor 80-200 2.8 (two ring) alot for portraits and weddings. The lens is great as long as it is stopped down to F4. At F2.8 the lens is fine for head shots but anything else it is to soft. I'm thinking about upgrading to the 70-200 vr2 and have a couple questions. How does it perform at 2.8?? In real world shooting how much does VR help for camera shake? I keep my SS about 1/400th right now to get sharp results with the 80-200. BTW I use a D800. Thanks!

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I replaced my 80-200 2ring with the VR2 ...because I could, otherwise I wouldn't have, the biggest advantage that I find is the AF-s motor which allows me to focus manually while in AF..., if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have bothered for the little extra IQ that there is with the VR2 even if I could... not for triple the price that the trade would require anyway... I am surprised that you find the 80-200 not great at full aperture, may be its blur is caused by low shutter and/or non-proper handling that you assume is softness, this doesn't mean that the VR2 isn't a little sharper, it only means that it is ...a little sharper! The other thing with the VR2 is its compatibility with the TC-14EII, TC-17EII and TC-20eiii which expand its potential a lot... with the 80-200 you have to stick with the Kenko pro 300 1.4x and avoid full aperture (just) where you can. OTOH the 80-200 is the best handling Nikon telephoto zoom ever, its size and balance is great, the color saturation and contrast are as good as the VR2, fits the bag and does the job great! I feel (since I have lots of experience with all the 70/80-200/210 Nikkors from the 80-200 f4.5 onwards) that its biggest advantage is that it doesn't have a disadvantage, focus is much faster than the one zoom version, it doesn't suffer from vignetting and flare like the AF-S or the VR1 and color saturation and balance is better than the 180 f2.8... not that the VR2 isn't better..., it is, ...but If the IQ was the same as the 80-200, ...nobody would complain!


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