LR4 speed on Lion

Started Jul 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jen Yates Senior Member • Posts: 1,414
Re: LR4 speed on Lion

Leo wrote:

My current plan (not sure how helpful it would be) to back up the HD, reformat it and reinstall all content.

That won't speed things up, that trick works for windows but not for OSX.

Check Activity Monitor and see if your CPU is still being used when the machine is 'idle'. Look at the %idle figure and see if it's sitting at the 97% 98% mark or higher. If it's not then see what is using it, maybe you've got some rogue app sucking your resources but it's unlikely.

At the end of the day a 5 yo machine with 3GB of RAM is going to be slow using 2012 software and processing images with (literally) millions and millions of pixels.

If you've maxed out the RAM then you've done all you can do. Don't put Lion on if you're looking for a speed boost. You're just as likely to see things slow down as you are speed up and the difference will be so tiny (in either direction) to render the whole exercise useless for performance reasons. Only go to Lion (on such an old machine) if you really want Lion.

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