OMD EM5 back button focus

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Re: OMD EM5 back button focus

I've started using off-shutter focus, but I gave up on trying to use the Fn1 button on the back as my AEL/AFL button-- it's just too small! So now I use the Fn2 button, which is actually pretty usable. It still accomplishes the goal of taking AF away from the shutter, but the button is SO much easier to use, especially one-handed. The way to set it is Menu -> Gear -> AF/MF -> AEL/AFL. Use mode 3, and then you have to assign a button to AEL/AFL. The other advantage of using Fn2 instead of Fn1 for AEL/AFL is that Mysets can only be used on Fn1, so I have an exposure bracketing Myset that I can now use.

I walk around in MF mode all the time; mode 3 in MF still allows S-AF when the AEL/AFL button is pressed. So I have the best of all worlds-- S-AF off-shutter, and MF when I need it for fine focus. When I want AF back on the shutter (when someone else takes a pic of me for instance), I just switch from MF to S-AF mode (which I leave in mode 1).


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