D800 HDR technique questions

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Re: D800 HDR technique questions

Fred Braun wrote:

Not sure why using the interval timer would not be the way to go.

If you don't mind not having the mirror up during the bracketed shots and going into the menus if you want to change the settings, then no reason not to do it this way.

But, if you want the mirror up during the bracketed shots it should be done in LV. It is easy to set up:

1. Turn Release Mode Dial to "CH"
2. Press Bracket button and set number of shots and EV difference
3. Press Live View selection button.
4. Set desired shot settings, focus.

5. Press and hold shutter/remote for duration of shots (suggest a remote so you do not have to touch camera).

You can set shutter delay or not. Since the mirror is up during the shots you really do not need a delay and the subject movement issue is solved better than your suggested method. A main issue of Luke Zeme's technique was subject movement.

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