Nasim Mansurov: Nikon DSLR Autofocus Problems

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Re: Same guy that said this about the D7000...

Did you bother reading the article where you copy-pasted the text from till the very end? He pointed out specifically that some D7000 had AF problems (a total of 3 according to the stats he gathered). So in no way he is denying the fact that some D7000 units have AF calibration problems. The fact is, the true number of cameras with AF calibration issues is very small. About 5-7% small.

People blow up issues very quickly and they make it seem like every single camera has a problem. This AF calibration thing is not new - we have had it since the first DSLR with a phase detect sensor came out! If you don't believe me, look at some of the older threads here and you will find plenty of information on faulty D70, D80, D90, etc cameras.

This has nothing to do with his experience with the D800. He considers the D800 to be the best camera out there, which I totally agree with. And I agree with him on the statement that ANY DSLR camera with a phase detect sensor can have a calibration issue.

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