would the D800 have done this better?

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Re: Yes and no.

this was fun to read, very informative. thx!

davexl wrote:

The D800 would have helped you if:

  1. You shot at below about 200 ISO or so (you did)

  2. You exposed for the highlights. (you didn't)

  3. You then boosted the shadows in RAW.

You can pull back about 1.5 to 2 stops of highlight detail (nothing amazing there). What makes the D800 exceptional is the amount you can dig out of the shadows if you are near base ISO. 5 stops plus. Dig all the way to China.

So in this exact situation, the D800 would not have saved you unless you had the time to plan ahead and "underexpose" it. If you had that sort of time, you could have bracketed on the Canon.

As awesome as the D800 is, it still needs just as much attention to blowing highlights as most cameras.

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