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Three batteries? A couple of questions.

The battery power in the grip does not "kick in" until the battery in the camera is exhausted.

  • With MB-D12, you select the battery usage order in the D800 menu: camera first, or MB-D12 first. It is also able to hot swap power sources - i.e. if you yank out the battery from the MB-D12 it will switch over to the internal one (if available) without interruption. Grip first makes sense, battery in camera remains as reserve - easier to charge grip)

  • There is two way communication between battery and camera. The battery communicates battery type, shots fired since last full charge, power level (at least - Canon's give serial nos as well). I just swapped batteries (EN-EL18's but assume EN-EL15's same) between two cameras and they reported the correct information for the battery (so shots fired must be stored on battery).

There is a data connection between the camera and battery - so you don't just splice two together. (Well outside the PROC it isn't recommended )

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