Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

That's my point with use of smaller cams...the Sony RX100 will be huge in effect, small in notice-ability. My friend uses a 70-200 2.8 white lens...thinks he gets respect due to the pro look. duh. I think I get shots by being quick, small, and at a distance if possible.

Had a street vendor yell at me in Cartagena...my S100 is slow enough as is...and then someone walks into the frame...anther 3 seconds wasted. Fast, move on...get the shot. Facebook it. lol...

jeffcpix wrote:

Three situations:

Walking through the Red Light district of Amsterdam, it is
advisable to comply with the window signs saying No Photos lest

one be confronted with an objection from the occupant or her large and threatening 'friend'.

Walking along St. Mark's square in Venice and encountering
objections from shop owners who hold that their window displays
are proprietary and are to be seen only by retinas and not sensors,
it may be advisable to comply lest the shop owner ask his cousin
Guido the cop to ruin your holiday.

Walking through the English Garden in Munich and being stopped by an undercover
policeman who is enforcing what he believes is a German law which
prohibits taking photos of private citizens in public spaces, it is advisable
not to protest lest he accidentally spills a stein of beer on your Zeiss lens.

We who record what we see using decent quality cameras are at a severe disadvantage; how many 'cell phone' photographers do as they wish without notice or

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