D800 HDR technique questions

Started Jul 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Raylaw Contributing Member • Posts: 696
Re: Look here.

GMack wrote:


I bookmarked this from a couple of days ago. Might be helpful for HDR setups.


After agreeing with Robin, I thought I would do Luke Zeme's techinque. It was a hassle going into all those menus, but if I shot HDR all the time with the same settings there would be less hassle after setting it up. But, I don't shoot HDR with the same settings all the time and if I wanted to use the delayed shutter for something else I would have to go in and change the settings.

Perhaps, the greatest draw-back for me on the Luke Zeme technique is the mirror is slapping up and down on each shot.

With LV and CH the mirror stays up for all of the bracketed shots.

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