Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

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Hawaii-geek wrote:
fps is easy to test, good to know
6fps , imho is an important feature that this grip needs to do.

hmmm, looks like the Vertex GRIP does two(2) EL15 , and says it does the EL18 D4 battery too !

For me the two EL15 in the GRIP making it a total of three(3) EL15 total on the D800 is a HUGE plus feature. over the Nikon D800 GRIP. (cost aside)


Michael Harvey wrote:

clickshots wrote:

"The battery power in the grip does not "kick in" until the battery in the camera is exhausted."

Does this increase the FPS as in the Nikon grip? Just I thought it was the extra power that let them increase the FPS. Also, the grip can it take an EN-EL18 battery?

Haven't tried frame rate comparo yet.
Based on the design (as I understand it), there is no "extra power".

No...this particular grip only takes the EN-EL15.

posted in error, sorry.

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