EX2 has been announced

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Re: EX2 has been announced

Yup - you are right... being able to use an Android/ iOS device as a viewfinder definitely is a plus... However I do think that an EVF would still be a nice thing to have built in in sunny weather (where the LCD would be very hard to see - and come to think of it, the phone's screen would not fare much better in those situations either).

Now that I think about it - with the Wi-Fi viewfinder capabilities (as long as the refresh rate and lag is not too bad) may actually render the articulated LCD a little obsolete, no? In such a case, a fixed LCD (with Wi-Fi for 'virtual' articulation), and an EVF would have made better design sense, I think...

On the other hand, I think the idea of an EVF hidden behind an articulated LCD still has merits to keep a more compact form factor - especially where the camera lacks Wi-Fi... Come to think of it, the space behind the LCD seems like a waste of real estate at the moment... Could they not have squeezed some extra direct access buttons to adjust some (less) commonly-used setting in there? Or is the EX1/2 sufficiently intuitive and quick in accessing most camera settings?

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