what message are canon sending to nikon?

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Re: The next step Canon will take is...

...or the last to the table will be without food because they just watched everyone taking their share... Look at Nokia, they even admitted that they did not think smartphones would be this popular this fast. Now Nokia, one time world leader in mobile communications, is in deep trouble, they are far behind because of one single misjudgment, because they decided to watch the market before acting and moving forward in the direction everyone seems to have moved. Now maybe it is too late, they lost their leading position and not just a little, but big time.

Interesting thought, but high end photography is somewhat different to mobile phones. Brand loyalty in photography stems from investment beyond the camera. We'd all take a very close look at all makes when thinking of an upgrade or replacement. As things stand the cost of crossing the line will prevent most of us contemplating it at all.

Also with telephones the smart phone was a complete revolution. What would a dslr have to come up with to persuade many photographers to switch camps? No matter what anyone introduces, the vast majority know their brand will adopt and adapt. I'm sure all R&D are working flat out to come up with the next big thing, but the target audience for brand switching will be firmly on the noob with a basic camera and no system investment. The user who will be cajoled by pixel counts (err, where does that theory leave the D800?!).

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