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Re: Pixex-Vertax, two(2) EL15 OR EL18 or 8 AAA

Aloha Michel,

From what I have been told, and what I read ... But, I cannot find anyone that "actually" has one yet.

Fstoppers ordered one. But it seems that this grip is not shipping till the end of the month???

And someone must know "something" because the other one Menke , it's price is dropping from the already lowest price.
That , has got to be some kind of clue.

LOL, I have more questions than answers too.

But, from what I know , without someone with an actual one in there hands.

YES, it will hold three(3) EL15 Total

YES, it does the EL18 ... now if it does it complete , with no additional purchase. This will be a no brainer buy

Users of a D300 version from this vendor seem to swear by it. and say the Quality is very good. (the very part is interesting)

I am SUPER curious to find out too how it tells you the juice levels on the two EL15's in the GRIP.
And it is does 6fps. (key for me)

But, YES ... for me the Three(3) EL15 on a D800 ... BIG FEATURE !
Something you do NOT get with the Nikon GRIP.

It lets me carry just one battery charger. For some that seems like nothing. For me that is HUGE. I know , because I do it now.

Can't even carry a Charger in my carry on anymore. Just my total weight on batterys and chargers (triggers and back ups) is like a D800 and 70-200.

Now, if the D600 uses the same EL15 ... and does 8fps ... that's going to be my sports body. The 5D MkIII killer lol

Looks like I am going to be seeing more and more 5D MkIII next to me on sports shoots. (5D's are non-exsistant right now, at sports events I shoot)

I already see for Canon SURF photogs , the MKIII was a No-Brainer Upgrade ... they bought it on the First shipment.


M Lammerse wrote:
Hi HG,

So, if I understand you correctly, you can have 3 batteries in total in one camera?
1 in the camera itself, 2 in the grip?

Really wonder how the menu battery display will look like with 3

Beside this visual presentation of the 3-way juice, I wonder how the camera handles it. Might be, it sees those 2 in the grip as one

3 batteries can be absolutely of usage. I use the camera mostly for video purposes, and video does take a serious toll on the battery power.


Hawaii-geek wrote:
Pixex-Vertax, two(2) EL15 OR EL18 or 8 AAA

Well, according to this "this one" does use the EL18 ... but more importantly to me is that it can hold two(2() EL15 in the GRIP , that is something new.

My question is ...
1) does it do 6fps (really important)

2) How does it tell you how much power it has left when it is running two EL15 in the grip? when the Nikon grip does not do this.

3) does it "really" use the EL18 and what other stuff do you need to buy to make it work ... IF, it is included - that would be a WOW !

Just on the GRIP features alone. Throw in us$100 FREE shipping.
And you will see PROs start buying and reviewing this GRIP. Seriously.


•Fits Nikon D800/ D800E

•Has a standard tripod mount

•Holds 1 to 2 EN-EL15,EN-EL18 or 8 x AA batteries

•Power switch: Camera’s power switch

•Working temperature: 0℃-+40℃

•Dimension: Approx.150.8x54.8x77.4mm

•Weight: Approx.279.4g (without batteries and battery magazine)

M Lammerse wrote:

I own the original grip of the D800. It cost a lot of money indeed, I can understand that many choose for the cheaper option, especially when it's more a 'visual choice (what ever reason you se it as stylish to put extra weight to your camera and to let it look more...bulky)

Important question for many other (professional) photographers is, does it accept the D4 battery EL18?


brianric wrote:

Report back after using D800 with your new grip installed in heavy rain.

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