CHDK: Scripting can be fun! - There are some great features available!

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Re: CHDK: Scripting can be fun! - There are some great features available!

Coyote_Cody wrote:

We hear you, but Android/Linux (mostly open, Apple is NOT) is so far from a real-time operating system, that it would likely ONLY work well if you had extremely fast multi-core processor (we see this in tablets already-can you say huge batteries) or only do the very trivial, photography wise I speak!

Actually, Linux has had real-time functionality for awhile. Anyways, what do you need realtime for? It's not like a camera has lots of closed loop control systems (outside of continuous AF). What is needed is snappy response and a little microcontroller (not DSP) for actuating the camera. Processing the image can glitch every now and again without causing all that much trouble, especially with a cache. As to Android, if it were a limited interface that wasn't polling for new email and facebook postings... It could stand a chance, though I would have preferred they not go with Java. :[

CHDK is only for features & has opened up the P&S cams immensely (Shame on you Canon for making it necessary), but not actual DSP sensor processing

Exactly. Many cameras offer either 3 or 5 shot exposure bracketing with a couple different step size options. In other words, it is arbitrarily limited to those few options despite having the interface to select, say, anywhere from 3-11 shots and 0.3 - 3Ev steps. Point is, the camera companies can't be trusted to expose the functionality of the hardware. They limit it for the 'least common denominator' of consumers and to justify higher costs on the next camera up the line. Better lenses, sensors, and displays should do that, not basic software constant changes.

One that I've had in mind for DSLR/Ts is micro AF auto-calibration. PDAF is fast and CDAF is accurate, yes? So, point at subject at some distance, CDAF, then read out the PDAF offset and save it as the micro AF value... this would have been written awhile ago if the public were allowed into the cameras.

Android would take forever for this purpose I believe (I have played around developing a fairly trivial app - Android 4.0) & be difficult for all that bit manipulation/event processing/assembly-level processing.

That is basically a matter of hardware. I want to buy such hardware from the manufacturer, just give me access to run my own software on it.

It is also why I try to stick with Canon P&S, CHDK !!

I had a Panasonic before, but with my obsessive desire for control of my electronics? I didn't consider anything but Canon (within the P&S range).

PS: I don't even want GPS on my cam, let alone make phone calls, but wifi conn would be great, wifi remote control would be awesome!

My interest in software control is not to be able to run games, etc. It is to have control over the camera. Some people would write games for them, but I've already got a cellular PDA (much more sensible name than cell phone) for that. Luckily, wifi is on it's way into cameras (Nikon and Samsung, I believe) and the rest will come in the next few years.

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