intense banding in some SD1 photos

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Re: Noise banding

mike earussi wrote:

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HPerhaps a bit of under exposure in combination with tungsten light with large white balance offset needed?

There are about 3000 SD1 images here and I don't see any banding.

Take the second picture and download full size version. Darken the sky a little bit further and you can clearly see banding, especially if you sharpen a bit more. Look in the lower left part of the image, it's easiest to see there. The banding is in the same direction or always runs up and down in landscape and across in portrait.

I was going to buy the SD1 until I noticed it. Some people may say you'll only notice it in big prints and while viewing at 100% and my response is who buys such a camera if not expecting to do those things. It's depressing as I had already made up my mind about buying the SD1 until I noticed the banding.

From the DP2M shots recently posted it looks like Sigma has fixed most of the banding problems on their 15mp chip (at least at lower ISOs). Whether that fix is software and can be applied to the SD1 or hardware and can't, I don't know, but at least the next iteration of the SD line should be free of it.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

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