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Re: Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

Why does a grip with $20 worth of copper and $15 worth of moulded plastic (im exaggerating a little bit) cost as much as a 50 or 60 mm prime lens with multiple elements of ground glass? That I don't understand. Surely it's easier to stamp out thousands of grips than precision building lenses. That's what people have issue with. I am a brand snob too after a few bad experiences with third party lenses but a $500 grip is something I can't see value in. I would scoop in up in a heartbeat if it were even half (which the MB-D10 for the 300/700 is and looks/feels the same), but for now I'll wait.

Michael Harvey wrote:

gl2k wrote:

You can afford a $3k cam
Probably another $5k for lenses. 12-24, 24-70, 70-200, ...
Maybe another $1k for speedlights, ...
Finally another $1k for tripods, filters, etc.

But a few peanuts (compared to all the other expenses) drive you crazy ?

No offenses. Just curious and makes me scratch my head.

I can't believe I'm even responding!

WHY would you pay $400-$500 when you can get the exact same product for $89?
That would give you/me $300-$400 for other goodies.

Seriously, based on that logic, would you pay $12,000 - $15,000 for a D800?
Mike Harvey

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