Mt. Bromo II

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Mt. Bromo II

Hi folks,

I thought I wanna share with you some images I took from my recent trip to Mt. Bromo.

Narration for Image #1

Just when everyone was getting ready for the next shoot, a villager passes by, it couldn’t have escaped the eyes of these shutterbugs. Immediately, all lenses were pointed to the villager and everyone is trigger happy.

That really took the villager by surprise, he appeared lost for a while, but soon, he realized what was happening and happily joined the fun.

It was a nice experience, everyone was happy shooting or being shot.

I was thinking, when he got home, perhaps this is what she would say to his wife.

“Dear, guess what happened today, I was on my way home and suddenly, there was this group of lunatics, taking pictures of me, I think they are insane, all I have to do is just walk up and down! They gave me cigarette and also money later. The money is better than my income for the day! I just can’t tell where were these lunatics from.”

I guess that’s the joy of photography.

Narration for Image #2
I was moved when I saw this family.

The father, from his eyes, appeared lost, the mother as though could comprehend the peril, hold her head low, the child on the other hand, didn’t know much and wanted to play with his father.

Life maybe tough, but life will find a way.

The sun is setting, but it will raise again tomorrow.

We move on, because we believe tomorrow will be a better day.

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