Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

wellred wrote:

Get one from a batch not affected, and if you cant, when you get it, send it in to Canon. Even if it doesn't develop the lens error from day 1 Canon have said you can send it in anyway so it doesn't crop up in future.

This isn't true, Canon will only accept the camera for repair if it has the problem. Here's a quote from Canon after I asked the question, as the info on the Canon website was a little ambiguous.


I have just read your "important info" briefing about the S100 and you say "...If your product's S/N is within the affected range highlighted above, you are kindly requested to contact one of our authorised service facilities..." My product IS within the affected range BUT has NOT got the lens error. Are you saying that I should have it fixed purely because its S/N is within the range OR should I wait until it gets the error? thanks

Thank you for your e-mail and for contacting Canon.

With reference to your enquiry about the PowerShot S100 and the announcement made we can explain you the following:

What we mean is, that if you are to experiencing this lens issue you can send your product for servicing. If any other issue is detected and does not fall under the warranty conditions cost will be charged.

We hope this information is of use to you. Once again thank you for contacting Canon. For further enquiries please contact us back.
Yours sincerely

So far so good with my S100, it works perfectly.

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