dpreview or Apple problem?

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I forgot to say it also depends on how a web page is structured. As a browser downloads HTML and then all other files associated with the page there is a certain moment when it decides to start displaying the page on the screen. If it decides that it has to start displaying the page while almost no displayable content has been downloaded yet then it begins with a white screen waiting for more to come. A web page can be made in such a way that even slow loading scripts are loaded before page rendering begins (that is while you are still seeing the previous page) and no white screen happens but it doesn't seem to be like that on dpreview. Of course, browsers will vary here but still I think the problem is mostly on dpreview's side.

PS. It seem like this changes moment to moment: currently I always experience white flash in Safari, Chrome and IE8, very rare flashes in Seamonkey/Firefox and no flashes in Opera. It must depend on the current connection to the servers that the browser connects to.

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