Sony HX20v goes to Paris France

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Sony HX20v goes to Paris France

The freshly bought Sony HX20v went on a short family trip to Paris, France. Overall, I am very satisfied with its performance. It is a very flexible tool that will give you the opportunity to make pics in situations that with 'older' compacts and even sometimes my trusty old Olympus e510 dSLR would not have been able to handle. All pics are basically with standard settings, out of camera.

Take this one for example, i took this pictures from the Seine cruise boat while being blinded by the sunlight myself in the i+ mode. Ofcourse at full size there will be things to fault, but the camera is able to give you a very much printable image out of a situation where many other cameras will give you nothing.

Ofcourse, it is a compact and you see immediately its limitations when you want to picture moving objects, like your kid playing in the Jardin du Luxembourg playgarden. Still, definately more keepers then deleted items also there.

Noticeable things:

1. I have the idea that the Multi-AF sometimes cause elements within a picture to be less sharp because it focusses on several things spread in the image, so automatically not focussing on other parts.

Is that just me or do other have simular experience and do you use Middle AF or Flexible point AF?

2. Colors are nice and punchy with reds having a tendency to oversaturate. Personally i like it, but i can imagine other like a more neutral color set.

3. I have the impression that with some Modes (so P, i+Gold, iGreen etc) the camera doesn't hold all the settings you change, and thus you need to set em back each time yourself?!

4. As said, the painting effect is there at 100% zoom, but not an issue when you print smaller than at least A4. Also not in all images.

5. Camera performs rather well indoors. I took shots without flash that with previous compacts or my Olympus dSLR would been out of the question. I have been experimenting with both the ISO scene setting and the handheld twilight scene setting. Both have their merits. Check the Flickr set (link below), you will see two couples from inside the Notre Dame shot with both scene modes. Also here, by no means perfect, but absolutely useable for print. And then I just used the factory settings and my inexperience with this camera. So it could only get better

6. The Blurred background mode really works. Ofcourse, not even remotely close to a dSLR bokeh, but did you imagine this would have been possible with a zoom travelcamera some years ago?

Much more:

Olympus E-5 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V
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