Flash bracket - for use with 70-200 lens

Started Jul 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Flash bracket - for use with 70-200 lens

I have and love my Custom Bracket Pro-M, and it's great when I'm using a 24-70 lens.

However it's a nightmare to use with a larger lens like my 70-200 F2.8 IS.

Also I often shoot events with two cameras slung on me with a twin Black Rapid strap so the C.B is a bit too much - particularly with a large lens.

Currently the fast and portable solution is 1 flash with a Fong (either the standard or with chrome dome) so that I can easily swop the flash to either camera.

Snag is that in vertical mode, the Fong still puts a shadow off centre. I'd really like to get that flash directly ABOVE the camera. I tend to opt for the Fong because it allows me to position the flash better in portrait or landscape but it's still not perfect.

Any thoughts on options. For now let's assume that a system that bounces isn't going to work. (I'm often shooting in rooms with high ceilings or coloured walls, and with crowds of people close around me I have to be careful where I point my flash - so ideally I need to point directly at the subject.)


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