RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files

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Re: RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files

na01 wrote:

have you managed to get reasonable colors?

I can open the arw files with RawTherapee, RawStudio and UfRaw, but the colors are a bit weird...

Much weird. Very little contrast and a magenta fog everyware ..

  • You need a custom color profile (tab "Color", custom).

You can use either adobes dcp profile for NEX-7

or the custom made rx100_dcrawreference_bl199_gm_wp14.icm included in the link below. I made it using the cc24 target raw shots from Imaging Resource and Coca sofware.

  • You need to set the correct Black Level wich is +199.

Because RT supports changing BlackLevels from -50 to +50 you need a partial profile with only the black level settings. It's Sony_rx100_BlackLevel199.pp3 in the link below

  • Save it in the "profiles" directory.

  • Load it just after opening a rx100 raw with the button "processing profiles"

  • Choose your settings. Some settings reset the Black Levels to the max of +50. In this case reload Sony_rx100_BlackLevel199.pp3. It will only change the Black Level settings to 199. To be on the safe side reload it again just before saving.


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